Shirt, J. Crew / Shorts, Urban Outfitters / Vans Sneakers

Next up on “What is My Style Doing,” I’ve decided to pair a 70’s themed button up with my very beachy classic cutoffs and skateboard sneakers. To be honest, I’m not really sure what happened here, but the casual vibes that resulted from this counterintuitive combination intrigue me.

Here you also get a little bit of a beach day photo diary! I know you guys love pictures of me eating burgers. Look for the second part to this beach series in the coming weeks, following a festival special next Tuesday!








Blazer, Topshop (similar) / Jacket, Earl’s Jeans (similar) / Turtleneck, Brandy Melville / Skirt, Forever 21 / Vans Sneakers

I’ve been eying these sneakers for a while now and when they went on sale I just couldn’t pass them up. To me, Vans scream California – they’re iconic to the area – and I know I’ll be get a ton of wear out of them this summer! This blazer is also a new favorite purchase of mine. It’s light and loose, and adds the perfect amount of polish to practically any outfit. It’s one of those things wear you just throw it over whatever you’re wearing without even thinking about it – I love those kinds of pieces!

I’m so lucky that I got to get out of the cold for a bit. It really allowed me to start gathering inspiration for spring and summer, and this outfit shows just that!




Photo Diary: Golden City

Last week I experienced the joy of returning home to SF for my reading week. I relaxed, rejuvenated, and recovered from the anxiety that is midterm season.

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Spending seven hours at the YYZ Airport inevitably leads to photo-ops.

In the most cliche of terms, you truly don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. The grass is always greener on the other side. Etc., etc.

But the reality is, these phrases are overused for a reason.

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 More of my lovely feet, for your pleasure.

Returning home was like experiencing the glory of the Bay Area for the first time all over again. I felt that electricity and spirit of adventure rising up inside of me again, urging me to embark on long scenic drives and stroll the colorful city sidewalks with a rediscovered pride. I experienced the kind of energy you can only get in San Francisco.

I romanticized the hell out of that city.

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 Stinson Beach – in other words, your typical highway 1 beach town.

And you know what?

I cannot regret not romanticizing it while I had the chance to every single day.

Because honestly, how dreamy can something you see every day possibly be? Sometimes it truly does take leaving a place to realize the things that you miss so much. The minute aspects of life that you grew accustomed to begin to manifest themselves in your memory as large, evidently significant details of your daily endeavors in that place.

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Jane on Fillmore, a definite must for any visitor to the area.

Leaving San Francisco for University has improved my appreciation for it immensely. I miss it every day, and for every day I miss it I have a different reason to.

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Outdoor dining at its finest, curiously found at a local bookstore.

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Prius in the background – found in any contemporary photograph of SF.

Being back in Montreal has solidified these sentiments. Not to say that I don’t adore this French city I’m so lucky to call a second home – I’m sure I will appreciate it when I am home for the summer as much as I appreciate the Bay Area now.

But as finals roll around and my first year of University closes in on me, I’ll have a California sunset to guide me home, and it will have never been so radiant.

SF Spring








Coat, Cindy & Johnny* / Dress, Brandy Melville / Bag, Zara

I’m so excited to introduce Cindy & Johnny, a brand that has recently been brought to my attention and who generously gifted me this gorgeous spring coat! Although not my typical style, this coat called out to me as I browsed the Cindy & Johnny site with its structure and unique color blocking. The lightness of the coat will make it perfect for the spring and summer months – it’s so hard to find a nice coat for special occasions with its 80+ degrees out, but I’m confident I’ll be getting an unbelievable amount of use out of this one! I wanted the coat to stand out so I paired it with a simple little black dress and booties, along with a new Zara bag that I’m totally obsessed with!

Check out all the other ace products Cindy & Johnny have to offer on their site, and follow them here: Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook.

*Disclaimer: coat was gifted.