New York in Review

Fashion Month is now in full swing as we move from London to Milan. So my sincerest apologies for taking this long to discuss the greatness that was New York Fashion Week S/S ’15.

Alexander Wang Collage 1

Alexander Wang Collage 2

First and foremost, Alexander Wang killed it. Absolutely killed it in every way you could imagine. The extreme sportswear meets street vibes blew it out of the park for me and it made me want to go sporty (which is a big deal for me). Here are my fave looks from the show, and trust me, if I didn’t think showing you the whole collection would bore you to death, I would be showing every piece and discussing it in detail. Check out the entire collection here.

Band of Outsiders Collage

Picking just three collections to discuss was difficult, but I definitely want to talk about less mainstream lines (staying away from Marc Jacobs and Victoria Beckham was hard, but I’ll make it through). Band of Outsiders is one such line for me. First of all: accessories are important. Like more important than you would think in a show. Seriously, check the hats and shoes on the Band of Outsiders’ models. I’d go just for those. But then you look at the whole look and it just sucks you in with the monochrome color scheme with interesting and unique details in every piece. The use of pattern and placement easily draws the eyes around the entire look, something I really enjoyed. Check out their entire collection here.

Public School Collage 1

Public School Collage 2

Finally, the show I was most excited for: Public School. Ever since seeing these designers on the Fashion Fund (a show everybody needs to watch for educational purposes), I’ve been obsessed, waiting on their every move. I love their sense of street style and I especially appreciate their futuristic twist in this S/S ’15 collection.  View the entire collection here.








Tennis Skirt, American Apparel / Turtleneck, Zara (similar) / Flannel, Thrifted (similar) / Jacket, Earl’s Jeans / Dr. Martens

Shameless and silly selfies, because what else should you be doing with your time at University? (Oh, right…) Regardless, I’ve been feeling like I’ve neglected the blog while being in Montreal for long enough. Using old pictures just isn’t gonna cut it when I’ve got endless inspiration right outside my door. The style game here is insane, I can barely keep up with the locals! The european vibes lend themselves to an outrageously stylish community, and one cannot help but to learn something new from every fashion-forward person you pass on the street. I’m hoping that this outfit channels some of the incredible european vibes I’ve been getting since I got here, much more Montreal inspo to come! xx

P.S.  Finally linking some of the stuff I’m wearing, so now you can actually shop my looks too!

I Left My Heart in San Francisco







Jeans, H&M (ripped myself) / Sports Bra, LF / Blazer, Topshop / Tank, Brandy Melville / Bag, LF

My last SF post! (Until Christmas, that is). Despite the fact I’ve been in Montreal for 2 weeks, this post was shot back in the last few days I had left in San Francisco. So this is the second post in a row with a blazer, and I’m not even going to apologize for it. I love love love this outfit because it is a classic counterexample to the idea that blazers are consistently preppy. The trick to avoid this common misconception is to throw a blazer over outfits that have no structure elsewhere. xx